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Your Story Is Your Brand



Do customers know what it is? Your story is your brand. And your income. Big Bend Strategies helps our clients keep their messages clear. And concise. And then we show them how to share it with the world.

We know your story must be told. Not by a novelist with a fanciful imagination. But a seasoned and successful team that approaches YOUR business as if it’s OUR business. And we treat you like you are our only client.

Reality is that fundamentals of messaging already exists inside of every accomplished company. Even those that struggle have it, but it is blocked, hidden from sight under process and paperwork and politics. You might be mired in the day-to-day with little time or energy to get creative or treat it with priority. As it should be. Priority #1.

Big Bend Strategies focuses on un-cluttering established bad habits, miscommunication and distractions; we provide clarity around critical core storytelling that we have seen lead to profit and a culture of enjoyment of work.

We have helped dozens of companies fix their corporate messaging. We can help yours too.

We can help you grow or fix your business. If you’re starting out, we know the pitfalls of wearing too many hats. Let us help you so you can run your business. If you’re growing, we understand how companies can plateau and need a refresh. If you’re a large, multi-national, we’ve done crisis PR and media training with some of the biggest companies in the world.

That’s our story. Let us help you tell yours.

About Us


We’re the messaging fixer upper guys. Doesn’t get simpler than that. We can make your business more profitable. And more recognized. By clarifying your messaging.

A lot of businesses speak one language. And customers listen in another. That’s a disconnect that affects your business growth. And revenue. We fix that.

The people in a business are often too close to it for effective communication. That’s why Big Bend Strategies was created. We know there’s nothing more valuable than the profitable impact of a good story, well told. And every business has one.

Including yours.

Let us help you tell it.


We start with a detailed audit of all communications. Internal and external. That includes website copy, sales collateral, positioning papers, any decks used for customers or investors, news releases, sales scripts, and key messages.

This allows us to make an assessment of how well the company is communicating. Both its story and the value proposition of its products and services. We deliver these findings to company leadership. And facilitate a refinement of messaging. What the company is presently saying. And what it ought to be saying.

Our experience indicates there is almost always a difference of opinion among executives regarding brand and messaging. Which leads to confusion with sales and marketing. And ends up affecting revenue. Even subtle differences affect market positioning and how employees think about the company and what it does. And if employees don’t get it, customers sure won’t.

We help you to clarify the vision for your business. Where do you want to go? Name your top ten potential customers and what you would say to them if they were in the room. This is where our facilitated messaging sessions begin. Is your marketing team actually talking to the sales group? Do you know what is being communicated? How have outward facing messages been viewed by the market?

There are a lot more questions that need to be asked. And Big Bend Strategies can help find those answers.

But first you have to ask us to have an initial conversation.

The Team

James C. Moore is a senior communications professional with four decades of experience in mass media and business. He has facilitated business development for numerous startups and emergent growth companies. Moore is a board member of a Silicon Valley startup and a two-year board member and founding investor in an Austin tech company. A New York Times best selling author and Emmy award winning former television news correspondent, he has managed proactive communications for numerous enterprises. Moore specializes in message development and positioning to enable effective sales and growth campaigns. He also has expertise in crisis communications, public relations, writing, marketing, and branding. Moore is a frequent guest analyst on network television on the subjects of media and politics.


Rod Taylor is an experienced business development exec with diverse success in aggressive revenue growth, brand building, and pipeline fulfillment for start-up and early stage companies. Over the past two decades, Rod has helped develop many companies into very successful revenue generating enterprises. He brings confidence and energy to any client or company goals of increased sales and revenues, but what he enjoys most is developing stronger relationships based upon mutual success.


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