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Big Bend Strategies has a deep passion and appreciation for cultural and economic issues surrounding border communities. We have lived in the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo for many years. We have more than 30 years experience of reporting on the border and Mexico, which qualifies us to know and understand border business. We are committed to telling your story. To people, businesses, and governments across the world.

Through our extensive state and national media contacts with reporters, international blogs, social media experts and more,  we help the world better understand the great border region and its businesses.

Let us tell your story.

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Positive Earned Media. Gotta have it these days. Would you like to see your story told in the Huffington Post? Strategically placed with smart social media choices so thousands and tens of thousands now know what you do?

PR & Media Relations

Media Relations.  We can tackle this one of two ways. Or both. We have more expertise and experience here than we care to admit. We can represent you and your company, or by way of our effective media training program, turn you into a media machine. Or both.


Content Management and Strategy. We help you create regular and strategic content to drive SEO and site traffic with blogs, opinion pieces, targeted news releases, and videos.

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